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Maintenance & Pre-Departure Checklists Are Now Live!

Snapper Trailers is proud to introduce to handy checklists for your new Snapper Trailer. First, you’ll find the complete Maintenance Checklist which covers the complete gamut of items that should be maintained on your new Snapper Trailers. Snapper Trailers – Maintenance Schedule Secondly, the complete Pre-Departure checklist which goes over all of the main safety […]

Safety Tips for Driving with a Trailer

Safety Tips for Driving with a Trailer Pulling a trailer is often taken for granted. It can come in handy when moving, purchasing furniture, pulling a boat or RV and of course hauling day to day items like lawnmowers and ATVs.  Knowing how to attach a trailer to the hitch is the very first step […]

Trailer Maintenance Schedule

Don’t neglect your trailer. It’s no joke if it’s broke! Follow our recommended maintenance schedule, below, to help ensure that your trailer is safe and ready to go when you are. Contact your local Snapper Trailers service department for further guidance or schedule your next service today. #snappertrailers #trailers P.S. Tune in next week for […]

Trailer Towing Tips: 101

They didn’t exactly cover proper trailer driving tips in high-school drivers education, so here’s a few tips and techniques from the Snapper Trailers team to ensure you know the rules and precautions of the road. Trailer driving tips To avoid dangerous situations like rolling or jackknifing, be sure to follow these guidelines: Always reduce your […]

How To Properly Load A Trailer

First things first check your Manufacturer’s Tow Vehicle Ratings. Manufacturers’ tow vehicle ratings address tongue weight as well as the individual, combined, and fully loaded weights at which a tow vehicle can safely tow a trailer: The amount the tow vehicle may weigh when fully loaded, or gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Weight a vehicle can tow. This figure […]

Don’t Forget About Your Trailer Brakes!

You’re meticulous about changing your oil every 3,000 miles, you check your tire pressure and your fluids are always topped off! You’ve been diligent in packing and mastering the delicate art of loading up your trailer. You’ve even made sure your trailer weight, tongue weight is well underneath the safety limits, however, you might be in for […]

How does a Breakaway Kit Work?

Have you ever been driving along with your trailer in tow only to stop at a red light and watch your trailer go barreling through the light? No, we haven’t either because Snapper Trailers follows all of the perceived safety tips in hooking up the Trailer Breakaway kit.  Here’s more information about Breakaway Kits. What […]

How to determine Trailer Tongue Weight

In order to successfully tow your trailer, you need to first know the tongue weight. This is the weight of the fully loaded trailers that exerts down on the hitch ball of the tow vehicle. If you’re unable to determine the tongue weight, here are several different ways to determine it. Bathroom scale (Figure A): You […]

How to select the right trailer ball

So it’s time to select the appropriate trailer ball for your trailer. How do you know what trailer ball, size, brand and shank for your particular setup? There are four major factors to consider in making your decision: Trailer Weight the diameter of the hole on the ball mount, the thickness of the ball mount […]

What does a brake controller do?

A brake controller is an aftermarket / OEM installed device and or module. It is usually mounted to the tow vehicle’s driver’s side dashboard which engages a trailer’s electrical braking system.  This process is either time delayed or in proportion to the towing vehicles braking system when slowing down or coming to a complete halt. […]

How to Measure for Trailer Hitch Rise & Drop

How to Measure for Trailer Hitch Rise & Drop When towing a trailer it’s imperative that the trailer is as level as possible. A level trailer that handles well decreases tire wear, and of course minimizes strain on the trailer and the vehicle towing the trailer. Since there is no one size fits all for […]

What is GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating?

Every towing vehicle and trailer should have a GVWR, or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, written on it. GVWR is the legal maximum gross weight of this vehicle and its contents, essentially passengers, and all of its cargo (but not of the vehicle that is doing the towing).  This Rating is typically found on the vehicle sticker that is […]

How To Grease Your Wheel Bearings

Last week we blogged with tips on How To Check Your Wheel Bearings if they require maintenance. This week we’ll be discussing How to Grease Your Wheel Bearings now that we know they need maintenance. How to Grease Wheel Bearings: If your axle(s) are equipped with a grease fitting or Zerk on the ends of […]

How to check your Trailer Wheel Bearings

No one wants to be the guy stranded on the side of the road with a disabled trailer! Before you head out for that big job, be sure to do a full check of the wheel bearings.  Here are some basic tips to help determine if you’re trailer bearings need further help. How to check […]