About Us

Snapper Trailers are produced in one of the largest manufacturing facilities with several Alliance Partner companies. As we position ourselves to maintain healthy inventory levels we have consistently expanded creating new divisions in both manufacturing and marketing.

At our plant, we set out to create a company that could deliver an open trailer or enclosed trailer for less directly to the customer.

The size of this facility allows us to scale up and down to meet supply and demand of our Products.  Because we sell the trailer directly from the factory to the end customer, we are able to provide a better value at the cheapest price without having a cheap product resulting in a great experience.

We offer delivery options all over the country and have Alliance Partner drop-off locations who have unique products and services, or you can pick up directly from the factory at your scheduled pickup time.

Bushnell, FL: (352) 593-9800, | Ft. Pierce, FL: (772) 801-0602 | Lake City, FL: (386) 361-6800

Pearson, GA: (229) 269-4065 | Fayetteville, NC: (910) 705-8330 | Hillsboro, TX: (254) 221-0560 | Español: (772) 801-0114