Spooktacular Event 2023 Is Here!

Snapper Trailers Spooktacular sales event is upon us! Starting today thru 10/31/23 we’re discounting every [...]

September 11th

On this solemn day, we pause to remember and pay tribute to the brave souls [...]

4th of July Savings Underway!

Huge savings underway through Saturday, July 2nd! Contact your sales rep for more details. Thank [...]

Trailer Spotlight – Tailgating Special

This beauty is a Tailgator’s Dream! If you’re looking for a custom trailer configured, look [...]

Trailer Spotlight – Two-Tone Hauler Special

This classy hauler comes complete with a Silver/Black two-tone exterior, 36″x78″ side door, ATP Front [...]

Trailer Spotlight – Backstage Catering Gooseneck

This amazing Gooseneck concession & catering trailer was built for Backstage Catering complete with +18 [...]

Trailer Spotlight – White Porch Special

This beauty is an 8.5×20 trailer with 5200lb axles, +6″ Height, 6ft Porch, 3.5K AC [...]

Trailer Spotlight – Happy Halloween!

This week’s trailer spotlight comes from local police files just in time for Halloween. As [...]

Trailer Spotlight – Central Florida Hydrodipping

The only thing that makes this Central Florida Hydrodipping truck is pulling a classy custom [...]

Trailer Spotlight – Black Porch Special

This beauty made by Freedom Trailers has +6″ Height, 2x 3′ x 4′ Concession Doors [...]

9/11/01 – Never Forget

The events of 9/11 shook our nation to its core. But the pain & sorrow [...]

Trailer Spotlight – Love Bug Magic Cleaner

This gorgeous 7′ trailer got wrapped by it’s new owner. The folks at Love Bug [...]

Trailer Spotlight – Yellow Banana Trailer

This beauty is designed to be a perfect Hot Dog vendor trailer complete with +12 [...]

Trailer Spotlight – Lake City Fire Department

We’d like to thank the Lake City Fire Department for their most recent enclosed trailer [...]

Stick & Move Cigar Enthusiasts Chose Snapper Trailers

The folks over at Stick & Move Your Cigar Enthusiasts can be found rolling around [...]

Electric Brakes vs Hydraulic Surge Brakes

How Electric Brakes Work Electric Brakes provide additional ease of use and additional braking control. [...]

In-House Financing Now Available

Snapper Trailers offers a wide range of Financing Options with absolutely no minimum spend! Contact [...]

Please Welcome Master Tow Dollies

Snapper Trailers is now a premier reseller for none other than Master Tow Car Dollies.  [...]

Remember to grease those bearings!

Attached is a photo of a customer hub that didn’t heed the warnings of lubing [...]

Trailer Spotlight – Red & Black Racing Two-Tone

This snazzy car hauler has some of the bare necessities including wood shelving system in [...]

Trailer Spotlight – Harley Davidson Special

You have that new beautiful Harley and it needs a home while on the road [...]