Shipping Information

About 25% of the trailers are shipped directly to the buyer from the factory, or to one of our affiliate drop sites at discounted shipping rates.  To have a trailer shipped directly to your home or business you can use this as a rough calculation for pricing: $50 Hookup Fee + $1.65 Per Mile Prices may vary with very large or over-sized trailers in some situations. We do not ship outside the U.S. borders, but do arrange for pickup and welcome all sales. Discounted nationwide shipping is also available from by listing where you want your trailer shipped to from the factory in Fitzgerald GA, 31750.  You will have individual drivers bid on your shipment for the best price, or speak to your sales representative for more information on options. Discounts are also available for multiple trailers shipped by wedge load pictured above for up to 50’ of combined trailers.

Bushnell, FL: (352) 593-9800, | Ft. Pierce, FL: (772) 801-0602 | Lake City, FL: (386) 361-6800

Pearson, GA: (229) 269-4065 | Fayetteville, NC: (910) 705-8330 | Hillsboro, TX: (254) 221-0560 | Español: (772) 801-0114