Don’t Forget About Your Trailer Brakes!

You’re meticulous about changing your oil every 3,000 miles, you check your tire pressure and your fluids are always topped off! You’ve been diligent in packing and mastering the delicate art of loading up your trailer. You’ve even made sure your trailer weight, tongue weight is well underneath the safety limits, however, you might be in for an unexpected stop.

In many states, drivers are required to equip their trailers with brakes as well as brake controllers, so how often have you maintenance or changed out your trailer’s brakes? Without trailer brakes to help compensate for the extra weight within your trailer, then slowing your rig to a halt with being much more difficult. In most tandem based trailers you’ll find Electric Brakes which require a brake controller in the cabin in the tow vehicle to function. Electric brakes use electromagnets to actuate the drum brakes and control flowing electricity to the brakes with the brake controller and engage the brake lights on your vehicle.  Having brakes and the brake controller in proper working order will also cut down on trailer swaying as well.

Trailer brake pads, calipers, and rotors wear just like you’re personal vehicles, so be sure to have them examined routinely! Unsure how to do so, be sure to reach out to a Snapper Trailers location today to schedule maintenance on your trailer immediately. Don’t risk it, get those pads replaced by Snapper Trailers right away!

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