What is GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating?

Every towing vehicle and trailer should have a GVWR, or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, written on it. GVWR is the legal maximum gross weight of this vehicle and its contents, essentially passengers, and all of its cargo (but not of the vehicle that is doing the towing).  This Rating is typically found on the vehicle sticker that is found with the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) along with the curb weight and its GVWR rating.

You’ll need this number to calculate what you can safely and legally carry and tow. This number is usually the absolute maximum, but you should always take into account hilly or mountainous areas will vary both enjoyability of the ride as well as your safety.

So what about those other confusing abbreviations?

Stands for
What it Means
The maximum legally allowed weight of the vehicle and all its contents, passengers, and cargo (but not of any attached vehicle)
Gross Vehicle Weight
What a vehicle happens to weigh including whatever is in it.
Curb Weight
What a vehicle weighs sitting at a curb empty (may assume a single 150-lb driver and/or a full tank of gas)
Gross Combined Weight Rating
The combined weight rating of a vehicle and its cargo including a trailer or camper.
Gross Trailer Weight Rating
Weight of a trailer (including its cargo) that a towing vehicle is rated to tow. A motorhome may have a GTWR.
Maximum allowable weight on a single axle of a vehicle or a camper.

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