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Remember to grease those bearings!

Attached is a photo of a customer hub that didn’t heed the warnings of lubing his trailer bearings… Ouch! Don’t forget to lube, get a tube! Be sure to schedule maintenance with our service department today! #SnapperTrailers #Trailers   Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

Maintenance & Pre-Departure Checklists Are Now Live!

Snapper Trailers is proud to introduce to handy checklists for your new Snapper Trailer. First, you’ll find the complete Maintenance Checklist which covers the complete gamut of items that should be maintained on your new Snapper Trailers. Snapper Trailers – Maintenance Schedule Secondly, the complete Pre-Departure checklist which goes over all of the main safety …

Maintenance & Pre-Departure Checklists Are Now Live! Read More »

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