Trailer Grade or Construction

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Rent, Buy or Both

If you are considering renting a moving truck or trailer, you quickly realize it’s expensive when all the costs are factored in like time, fuel, mileage, hotels, food and insurance. If you’re planning a long distance move, the costs can be hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Many people look at U-Haul, Penske, Budget, Ryder, U-Pack, Pods or ABF as a solution to move and save money. These are also a good option for people who have others helping them move; however there may be even a cheaper option!

Consider buying an enclosed cargo trailer and having that money offset the cost of ownership. Another option is to sell the trailer Online when you’re done using it! Online bulletin board sites like Craigslist or EBay Classifieds are a good method. For example; do a search on craigslist for the area that you’re moving to like Denver Colorado and look up a 7×16 Enclosed trailer. As you can see this trailer is a little over $1,600.00 more than picking it up a one of our locations? So not only do you save the cost of the rental at over a thousand dollars, but you make $1,600.00; which is a +$2,600.00 difference to your finances! The reason for this is most Trailers, RV’s, and Campers are manufactured in the South East. With such a large labor pool for generations, it’s less expensive to build them in mass quantity. What costs so much are shipping of the trailers North & West to the locations you are moving? Since you are already going there, you save the shipping costs of delivering a trailer and make the money that the transporter would make!

Some people even rent a smaller truck & buy a trailer to reduce the cost of the rental & have the trailer to keep or sell later.

How Can I Reduce my Cost

The more features & options a trailer has, the more expensive it is to manufacture. Speak to your sales person about what you’re using the trailer for and determine the right size & model that will work for your intended purpose. Having the distance between support studs /members in the floor & walls requires more materials & welds. Grade-A plywood is more expensive than a lower grade or OSB (oriented strand board). It may look pretty; however it’s not necessarily better. Sometimes there are discounts for eliminating a side door, or switching from rear ramp to barn door(s) can help. Colors typically cost more, because they are used less & sometimes are thicker metal than white. On smaller trailers, having breaks may not be required on trailers under 2990 lbs. Having a single axle is always cheaper than a tandem axle; however having a spare tire is a must with a single axle trailer! Bias Ply tires are standard on trailer, but radials will last much longer. Interior lights options are relatively inexpensive & nice to have in a dark trailer, but it costs money. No vents may be a bad choice on a large trailer. Typically side passive vents are the same price as a manual crank vent; however the top crank vent has a welded frame structure that can later be used to mount an air conditioner should you choose to upgrade. Plant /factory made doors typically come with a bar lock; however Pre-hung manufactured doors often have piano hinges and RV style locks which are more expensive. Straight axles are a little cheaper than drop axles; however the trailer will sit higher off the ground and are less desirable for loading.

Payment Options

Trailers are typically advertised at their lowest cost pricing to the dealers; which is cash or check payment. Most dealers will charge a processing /convenience fee for using credit cards, because it will cost them 3-5 percent from the credit card processing companies to accept that payment & they need to recover those costs. Reputable trailer dealers have finance options for trailers; however they are not like automobiles and typically have higher interest rates and are not always simple interest loans, so there may be penalties or no discount for paying it off early. Financing may have better rates or lenders with specific models, so ask your sales representative.

Online Factory Direct Budget Cheaper Enclosed Trailers for less!

There are many people trying to get you to give them a deposit or pay for trailer in full & pick it up at the factory. Buyers beware! Many of these types of Internet dealers have no skin in the fight. They are not associated with a real business & have no real office locations, insurance or regular employees. They often offer unrealistic prices, warranties & features and represent themselves as the factory. Some of these are scams and people never get their trailer or later find out the trailer was built with sub-standard components or the trailer was another customer’s rejected or repaired product. There is a real reason they are so cheap! Often times they will change business names every several months. Some of the reasons they do that are to avoid honoring warranties, taxes, defraud customers from the deposits and avoid paying vendors for materials or even the whole trailer. You may later find out from the manufacturer that the trailer they made for you through your sales person was never paid for & they tracked it down by the 17 digit VIN number!

Do business with a larger dealer that stands behind what they offer. Check out how long they have been in business and ask to see a copy of their sales tax certificate that is issued to them by the state they do business in every year! They should also have a Federal Tax ID number (EIN number) that was issued to them when they opened their business. These papers should be listed on the wall for you to see at their place of business. If they don’t RUN!


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